At an early age, Guy Destin loved music and realized it was a creative escape to transform melody from his thoughts into art.

As a recording artist, producer, songwriter, composer, Guy is a unique artist in the eyes of his peers. Over the years he has loved to offer the audience a voice which is rare in today's music industry. You will see a smile on Guy's face when he hears the compliment that his music is "different from others".

In the past decade, Guy has produced many local artists in Florida, Brooklyn, New York, North Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia.

In 2005, Guy Destin was chosen to produce and perform music for the Walt Disney companies. Joining him in the project were popular music artists including Snoop Dogg, Three 6 Mafia, Daddy Yankee, and Fonzwoth Bentley. This was Guy's first step into the "Majors".

In November 2015 Guy Destin was chosen to work on a compilation album, with artist such DMX and other Major artist.

In april 2016 on another compilation album hosted by swerrrmedia, sponsor by RocNation and Desertstorm.

In February 2007 Guy Destin left New York back to Florida to be by his father's bedside.

Over the years, music has never left Guy alone. After his personal two years in exile, he realized music was truly his love and has now become a part of him.

Currently he is working on his first album ever, The Art of Love. Look for its release in 2017. The extended Album will be release sometime in 2018, with the music video.